Saturday, August 20, 2011

here it comes, the REAL WAR!

21st? cepat gileee.. YA ALLAH, mati edenn. even three papers je ade final, jantung mcm nk gugur. 
xpe2, yakin dgn diri sendiri! :)

*click to enlarge

MTC 087 : Introduction to Law 3
MTC O88: Contemporary Global Issues
MTC 099 : Economic Issues and Problems (matilllllaaaaaaaaaaa) 

wahh bln 10 dh bole start keje la cmni. ngeeeee, nk kumpul duit byk2 then pegi holiday! yehuu.

ehh cop cop, nak keje ape ahh? ahha

p/s : thanks to iqa (classmate) for this scary timetable.