Saturday, December 4, 2010

mesti nk tau ni ape kn kn? hehe. 

oke, this is my drawing, i knw, im not good in drawing but atleast i've tried :) this drawing is for my BEL 313 class, Madam Bahiyah yg sruh lukis "My Family" lawak dohh, i pye drawing org ckp goku sbb ade awan2. hahaa. siot je korgg eh. i miss my family so much. smpi i wat presentation bole nangis. hehe. what a shame. sengal je. hehe. 

clouds : we love to travel, The most remote place we have gone were Makkah n Madinah :)
trees : symbolise me as a leader for my lil bro n lil sister
grass : xsmpt explain dh nangis. hagagaa. gilee