Monday, January 2, 2012

What so special about 2011?

Sepanjang 2011 ni, there's a lot of things happened to me. yg sedih ade yang happy ade. tp ape pun what past is past. i hope its not too late to share all the things with my readers :)

January : i lost my white cat <3

February :  Join the Mooting Club having a Moots Session at UiTM Shah Alam 

March : I got my new baby. awwwww. thanks ayah :)

April : i don't achieved my dean target for my second semester  :(

May : Going to KL with Shee. for our business, yeayyy

June : i've started my final sem at UiTM Kuantan in Foundation in Law. Alhamdulillah

 its time to say goodbye to Syafa :( tskkk tskk. i cried a lot during this time.

July : Having a final photoshoot session with the H group :(

Alhamdulillah i've met my new soulmate in this month. Kenal dh lme tp jual mahal. hoho. Thanks for everything ami :))

August : Having a very blast birthday at the UiTM Kuantan, Thanks to all. muahhh.

And and and thanks to marea, ain n mia yg buat PRANK on my birthday. love love love

its time to replace JGU 4175 to JNA 252. aww

September : Celebrating Lebaran with the Roommates and Classmates

Enjoying Gala Dinner for Foundation In Law 2010/11

October : Alhamdulillah finally i've finished my foundation. :)

November : finally i've got my result for the third sem. and and i got DEAN! yeayyy Alhamdulillah syukur.

December :  Tutup 2011 with vacation. thanks ayah n ibu <3