Monday, March 28, 2011

have u ever seen THE GLEE? its not GELIII! its a GLEE. pronounce it correctly dude. ehhe.
at 1st i mmg xminat cite ni cos i rse dorg mcm mrepek n i just imagine glee is like HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, but actually its different dude! try to watch it okay? even once! i bole guarantee ade yg akan addicted terus pyelaa. believe me. hehe

so here i nk share some of GLEE videos yg meletopp like yuna cakap RANDOM AWESOMENESS *yeahh i pminat yuna. hehee. so enjoyy. 

n of cos one of the reason why i persuade u guys tgk GLEE sbb dorg pkai suara ORIII! cunnn! and and and tgkla actor n actress die. fewitt. <3

dianna agron dude! (heroine in I AM NUMBER FOUR)

cory monteith (muke die mcm, okay forget it...)

menipu ah korg ckp xhndsome n xcantik kn kn? ehehe. okayy. xoxo