Monday, February 14, 2011


what is mooting? actually mooting can be defined as a rebuttal between an appellent and the respondent.
but it is not really a rebuttal, it just an argument that appellent can give to judge in order to win her/his cases. faham kn kn? kalau xfaham copy paste ayat bi tu, ltak kt google translate. mesti korg fhm. hohoh.

appellent    : perayu (plaintifff)
respondent : penentang (defendant)
so, at this time mooting workshop buat dkt UiTM Shah Alam. so far ktorg mmg enjoy gile! super power laa mooters dkt UiTM Shah Alam. mng award for Jessup Cup at Washington tu. korg ade? xde kn? UiTM je ade. heee.

one of the mooters n the best oralist in Jessup Cup (Shairil Farhana)

  ni sume moots team yg pgi. (click to enlarge)

muke best mooters in the future. insyaAllah 

n of cos all my roomates pun join. sai, mas n yana <3

ktorg balik around 5p.m n smpi kt UiTM Kuantan around 11p.m. alhamdulillah tq UiTM.