Wednesday, November 10, 2010

okee fine, 2nd sem dh nk start but as usual, im not ready for that actually, at the same time i boring plak dduk rmh lme2. haishh its oke, only 2 sem to go, thn i'll cntinue my degree at Shah Alam. hoeyahhhhh!!!! i like this. so goodluck to all yg nk amik 2nd sem oke?

sure ade yg pelik tgk registration slip i kn? xfhm ape MTC, ape BEL. ahaha. relax oke. BEL uh actually kind of english class n MTC is a code for law subject so xpyahla nk tarik rmbut sbb xfhm ape code2 uh.  i xkne repeat ppr so i just amik 5 paper je. Alhamdulillah.

my target for 2 nd sem : to be a dean award holder :))