Friday, August 13, 2010

no more tears.

Nur Fatihah Bt Abd Razat 
what past is past.
i know u still love him, but he found another girl better than u.
he will spend the rest of his life with
another girl.
'best woman win' so u deserve it Nur Fatihah. 
No more 'Selamat Malam' song at night.
no more 'Fatihah, I love u'
no more n no more.

just be strong and start a new life. :)
my heart is open to anyone that can accept me, TQ :)

im very dissapointed when u said " love you ......" before this i never said "i love u" to any man and its hard for me to say that. but myb its simple for u. even bfore this u yg tkar relationship status uh, i xpnah cari laki lain, tp at last u buat i mcm ni kn? yes i deserve it. Ya Allah, give the right win.